Ranking high in the major search engines doesn’t guarantee you an automatic sales increase.  Your website needs to be user-friendly and must have the proper tools to maximize conversions. We know that only two things are really important when it comes to your digital business or your online presence:

Conversions and Traffic.

These two critical areas are where we focus all your expertise. Wonder why? It is because you can have the world’s greatest website, but if nobody sees it, your business won’t be successful. And even if you are getting all the site traffic you want, if your website isn’t converting those visitors into leads, prospects, customers, fans, subscribers, or clients, then your business still isn’t successful.

Why hire an SEO company to design your website?

Google’s algorithm is based around ranking websites according to their quality. Yes, organic rankings are determined by the level of quality of your website. Imagine it from the prospective of Google; in order to thrive and be a successful search engine, Google must deliver only the highest quality results for their users.

Our firm has identified 33 elements critical to web design that provide a direct contribution to high rankings.

We’ve spent many years watching Google’s rankings patents, and we analyze hundreds of websites that have sustained their seo organic traffic throughout all the crazy Google updates. After performing an exhaustive amount of research we have reached the conclusion that there are specific points of criteria that Google is watching for when determining a websites score. What we observe from our analysis is that if a website’s missing any of these elements their rankings drop and the site’s traffic isn’t sustained. Because of this reason, each website we design for clients contains these critical SEO features, but that isn’t all.

Web design that Increases website performance via our 57 proven conversion optimizations.

Again, having a lot of traffic and visitors isn’t enough. You must generate conversions on your webpage or your online business will fall. Clients come to us all the time with hundreds and even thousands of website visitors, but nobody is buying, calling, or signing up for anything. Does this sound too familiar? One client of ours got a 428% increase in sales after we applied only half of our proven methodologies. We incorporate our proven conversion strategies into each and every web design project we manage.

We’re way more than a lead generation company. We have isolated hundreds of specific tricks that can improve conversions, depending on which type of website. We have 57 conversion increases which ALWAYS WORK  - no matter what market or industry or audience. Each development project we manage has 6 phases, and every phase relies on your approval and feedback.

6 (six) phases of website development involving your approval and feedback

As we build the momentum that drives your organization forward, we make sure you are satisfied each step of the way. We rely on your understanding and knowledge of your business markets, and we utilize your feedback and incorporate it into your project. Consistent communication between us allows us to build your powerful website presence that leaves you and your customers smiling.

Our Website Design Experts develop all types of sites:

  • Microsites
  • Mini Sites
  • CMS Content Sites
  • Corporate Sites
  • Blogs
  • Lead Generation Sites
  • Professional Sites
  • Forums
  • Directories
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Web 2.0 Properties
  • Ecommerce Sites
  • Comparison Websites
  • Enterprise Websites

Our expert team is represented by people with backgrounds in several different areas. We have Engineers, SEO Experts, MBAs, Cyber-security Analysts, and Copywriters just to name a few. This diversity benefits our clients because of the decades of digital and technical mastery we bring to the table.

We aim to be more than a full service website design and SEO company. Our dedication to our clients comes along with an unwavering  to rapidly expanding our own experience and increasing our knowledge. This allows us to be a powerful resource so many businesses big and small can depend on. Feel free to explore our client portfolio. We’ve continued to build a wide variety of incredible solutions for so many ventures. Is yours the next?

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We will help you define what you need then guide you through the best plan that fits your situation. If you cannot speak with us right now, please use the contact form and one of the dedicated members of our team will get in touch with you promptly. No matter what your needs are, our goals are to provide you with exceptional website design and amazing customer service.