Get an Education For Ultimate Success!

There are many reasons why an individual should consider getting a degree from a higher education institution if they haven’t already. As today’s societies are provided with opportunities of succeeding at greater rates than other before, there is probably nothing that provides them with such benefits than an education. Attending a college or university can certainly set an individual up for the ultimate life of financial freedom.

There are many different types of degrees an individual can earn when attending college or university. However, it is an imperative necessity for the student to ensure that they delve into a field that they have a keen interest in; one that they can see themselves working in until retirement. While in college, the student will learn about the most intricate details of the field that they are studying to get into. They will study, train, and ultimately work in their respective field. However, it is required of them to truly grasp and learn all of the materials that are covered in each and every one of their courses. If a student comes out of college or university without learning a thing, or not remember anything that was taught to them, it is highly unlikely that they will be able to make much of an impact in the company they get hired by. If you were a hiring manager, wouldn’t you want to hire a candidate who has proven themselves in college? What if they did well in college, but didn’t necessarily retain all of the information that was taught to them? Their productivity levels surely won’t be as up to par as you need them to be. Therefore, a student will need to put themselves in their prospective hiring managers’ shoes when studying in college or university. They will want to learn the fundamentals and every detail entailed with their courses to the greatest of their abilities so that they can have an effect on the productivity of the company they will be working for.

A college or university degree is a certification that can not only ensure an individual that they will be taken care of for life, but also that their family will as well. However, it will be the student’s responsibility to ensure that they choose a field that they can see themselves working in until the day they decide to retire. Financial freedom is only a couple of steps away!

Having a Career is More than Having a Job


Having a career beats having a job any day. For almost three years, I had been working in a restaurant. When I was hired, I thought that I would be able to advance through all the different positions, prep cook, chef, waitress and management so that I would be qualified to have my own restaurant, but it didn’t work that way. I’ve been working in the kitchen for just over minimum wage the entire time.

I like restaurant work, don’t get me wrong, but ask anybody who gets paid minimum wage, it is extremely hard to make ends meet with such a small, basic salary. In a busy restaurant, it is the managers and owners who make the money, and that’s what I want. I want to be able to live in a nice home and support a family, but I can’t do that now.

In order to get into the career that I wanted, someone suggested that I go to college and get a degree. I still wanted to be a success in the restaurant business and to one day have my own. I have a talent for cooking, and I like to make others happy, so a career as an owner and chef is the perfect choice for me.

I have a high school diploma, so when I went to register at the college, everything went smoothly. Most of the colleges that I looked at offered a degree in Hospitality, which would give me the overall, big picture as you look at the Hospitality industry, and it only takes two years to complete. I could be managing a restaurant or a hotel with a restaurant in a very short time with that education, and it would allow me to have a career that I would be proud of.

This field would also allow me to grow. At any time, I could take 10 months to two years and get a chef’s diploma. That would be incredible to have my own restaurant and prepare amazing dishes every day for my customers. This is a career I had previously only dreamed of and thought I would be able to have. I am so excited to be starting classes so I can get started.

My degree saved my life


Obtaining a degree is not just for individuals that have recently graduated high school. A degree or certificate is also available for individuals that are outside the “usual” college age. These individuals could be in their late 20s, early 50s, or older. A college degree is obtainable by any individual that is able to complete the necessary course work for his or her major, I should know because I was 47 years of age when I received my first degree.

My story of obtaining a degree may be a little different from everyone else. I was working at a local manufacturing plant that produced car parts. I had been working at the plant for almost 25 years. When I was in my 24th year of being employed at the plant, everyone received notification that that particular location would be closing within 180 days. The news saddened me because I had been working at the plant since I graduated high school and I did not have any other skills besides being an assembler.

Once I was laid off, I felt lost with no sense of direction. I tried to apply to other factories in the area but they were going to start my pay off at minimum wage so I declined. After doing some research online I was able to learn that jobs in the biotechnology field were growing and were expected to continue to grow in the next 10 years and beyond.

My research also revealed that in order to apply for many of the biotechnical jobs I would need a degree. I was skeptical at first about going back to school until I learned that a lot of people my age were going back to school in order to receive a degree. In addition to finding a career that had stability for years to come, I was able to find money to go to college with the help of scholarships that I qualified for as a result of being a dislocated worker.

It took me almost two and a half years to receive my Associate of Science in Biotechnology degree. My Associates degree allowed me to receive a job at local Pharmaceutical company. Now I am happy to say that I am employed once again. In addition to being employed, I am currently in school again to receive my bachelor’s degree in Associate of Science in Biotechnology. A bachelor’s degree can help me to receive a promotion which means more money.

Scholarships Changed My Life


I always believed getting an education is necessary to succeed in the world today. However, many college students choose to go directly into the work force due to their inability to pay for their tuition. I personally, was given a scholarship towards my education and it has made a tremendous difference in the quality of my education. Most scholarships given by the institution you attend require you to maintain a high grade point average. I think by enforcing this rule it forces scholars to work as hard as they can and it also opens the door to many jobs. One aspect of your resume that companies look at is your grade point average and if your on a scholarship most likely you will have a 3.0 or better. I have a scholarship that I will be on for four years of college and it will save me nearby one hundred thousand dollars that would have been loans. I feel being on a scholarship truly has me excited about the future because I don’t have to stress about the burden of huge loan payments. I believe the best benefit you can obtain from being a scholarship receipient is not having huge monthly loan payments when you graduate.